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“People who have a vision should go see a doctor.”
Helmut Schmidt, former chancellor of Germany

Get challenged by a story – “THE THREE MEN & BLOCKS OF STONE”:

A traveler came by three individuals working with stone.

Curiously to what the workers were doing with the stones, the traveler approaches the first worker and asks, “What are you doing with these stones?”
Without hesitation the workermindlessly replies,
“I am a stone cutter and I am cutting stones.”

Still unsure of what was being done with these stones, the traveler approaches the second worker and asks, “What are you doing with these stones?” Pausing momentarily, the worker glances at the sojourner and explains, “I am a stone cutter and I am trying to make enough money to support my family.”

With two different answers to the same task, the would-be philosopher could not resist questioning the third worker. “Excuse me,” he states “Could you tell me what you are doing with this stones?” The worker stops what he is doing.
Brings his mallet to his side. Deep in thought, the worker slowly brings his gaze to this questioning passer-by and explains, “I am building a cathedral!”


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